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  Run that RIVER

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 Run that RIVER Empty
PostSubject: Run that RIVER    Run that RIVER Icon_minitimeSun Dec 19, 2010 7:15 pm

ARE....YOU ...FUC**NG.......KIDDING ME!!!!!! this shit kills me!! :evil: :evil: :evil:

I am not here to bitch or whine.....simply to comment on the things we see in this pool of players.....hahaha how many times has the river swooped in and saved the day for some poor fool, who is probably goin to give his chips up in the next hand anyway!! ahhh-hahaha this is too funny.. every body talks odds and luck(which im saving for another blog)... but really,how do you put that to work against a computer? i watch these guys,donk into a pot and then play like fools....and half the time,they end up with a huge stake & bully till they are out. the hands i have seen connect with these river.. is craziness. the "odds" of that card falling is unheard of im sure!!plz how many times have you sat there saying"WTF" as you stare at the river in anger!!!! i have seen too many chats where those words have been written..haha.i will admit, it does happen at real tables as well...but not like online..and not as frequent either!! hahaha like i said im not here to bitch...... simply laughing at the sadness of it all.

i know these players "will run their course"..and all the "they wont last" comments i see...but how do they end up at the final table?? i have sat at many and watch some good friends loss to hands that should have been folded long ago. hands where you got it by the nuts and then river comes along and washes all your dreams away..

before i go i would like to quote a part of a comment i received, because i do believe there i a difference in the two..... it was from MR.Victor Garrett, he said "That is what separates a poker player from a card player" very well put my friend..... in the end i guess it is the "poker" players that hit the the loot and take it home in the end. the "card" player...simply passes after game..wetting his keyboard over every ace he hits..... and plans to rides that river till shes dry.....
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Run that RIVER
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